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Website Demo: https://shop4.online-dukkan.com/

Admin Demo: https://shop4.online-dukkan.com/admin

Admin Login:

User: Admin@gmail.com

Password: 1234


We are always happy to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us for any kind of customization, support, query, and suggestion. We will respond as soon as possible.

What will you get after purchase?

- Your system running on the internet with your selected domain name.

- A personal account manager that helps you in everything.

- Lifetime Support.

- All Below Features.


- Sell as a Single Store.

- Sell as Multivendor Store.

- Customers can request to be vendors.

Earn in multiple ways!

- Earn from the Monthly Subscription System.

- Earn from withdrawing fixed price and percentage.

- Earn from the sales commission.

- Earn from selling your products

100% Responsive for any device.

- Customers can use any device to use this system.

Color Picker

- You can change the website color from the admin panel in less time than by reading this sentence. Just select a color from the color picker or enter your color in hex format.

Multiple Language & Currency

- You can add unlimited languages & currency from the admin panel and your customers can select any language & Currency from the front end.

Dynamic Coupon

- You can set unlimited coupons by Fixed price or Percentage with a Limited & Unlimited Stock of coupons.

- You can select coupon START & END dates too.

Social Login

- Customers can sign up with their FACEBOOK or GOOGLE account. It attracts more customers to buy products easily.

Affiliate Program

- Any user can join an affiliate marketing program. They will do the marketing and if anyone comes into this store from their affiliate link and purchase any product then the affiliate marketer will get a small percentage of the total amount which can be set up from the admin panel. Many people will be interested to earn extra for this reason & the store owner will get lot of visitors without any effort.

World-Class Shopping

- Order Tracking:

Customers can track from the website using the Order number.

- Express Checkout:

The Buy Now button eliminates boring checkout steps.

- Guest Checkout:

This feature can increase your marketplace sales volume.

Exclusive Catalog System

- Single Product Multiple Seller:

Vendors will use the products from the catalog to create their listings.

- 3 Levels of Categories:

A multiple category system allows admins to organize the store more easily for customers.

- Product Attribute:

Dynamic product attribute to list variants of some listings with different pricing.

- Features Categories:

Multiple featuring systems for the homepage to list products for your customers.

Full RTL Support

- Full right to left direction languages support with an auto switch to RTk based on locales.

Dynamic slider

- This eCommerce website has a dynamic slider where admins can organize slides from the left side or right side or in middle.

- No coding is required to customize the slider.

Bulk Product Import

Product Options Product SEO

- in each product, the vendor or admin can add a custom Meta Tag and custom Meta Description.

- It will help the store to get more search results in any search engine.

Order Management

- Admin and customers can manage their orders so easily and track every detail of each product.

- They can select the status of the order for future usage.


- Admin can create an unlimited brand icon and show it on the homepage.

- These brands will have a link option where the customer can click and visit the page.

Real Verified Reviews

- Only customers can provide ratting about the purchased product.

- So new customers can check confidently before purchase.

- no fake ratting can be provided.

- You can disable it if you want.

Flash Sells

- Admin can advertise products with FLASH Sale Title and time frame.

- It attracts more customers than a normal listing.

- Everything is dynamic in the admin panel.


- Store visitors can save products for future usage in their panel.

- This feature helps the store to gain more trust.

- It also helps customers to come back for purchase.

Multi-Level Category

- The Multi-level category allows admins to organize the product more easily so the store can be very simple and buyer friendly.

Product Gallery With Zoom

- In every product customers can check the product gallery on the product details page there is also a zoom option to see the product more clearly.


- If there is no captcha in any store then admins can get an unlimited spamming message so in this eCommerce we built a captcha system to ignore the spamming.


- This awesome online store has a dynamic newsletter system for customers and admins can send group emails very easily to boost sales and announce anything so easily including sale offers.

Strong Security

- In this eCommerce, we have added multiple security to avoid any hacking or wrong transactions for store security.

Product Compare

- in this eCommerce customers can compare multiple products and select their most valuable product very easily.

Product Attribute

- Admins can create attributes for products and add different prices so customers can select variations for products with different prices. Such as SIZE, COLOR, etc.

Quick Buy

- Express checkout helps to reduce many steps for online purchases and it will be one of the strong points to increasing sales.


- Live chat is always a blessing for the eCommerce platform and you will get this option in your system built in which will increase the sales.

C2B Marketing

- Any customer can apply to be a vendor from their user panel.

- It will inspire customers to set up business in your store.

- you can enable or disable this feature from Admin Panel.

Product Stock & Color

- You can set product stock.

- So no one can order more products than stock.

- You can add unlimited product color to attract more customers using the easy color picker feature.

Digital Wallet

- You have Digital Wallet on this eCommerce website.

- Any customer can deposit money and use it for purchasing.

Individual Vendor Store

- All vendors will have their own shop page.

- They can add their slider to their shop page and share shop link to any social media or else.

- It will help to get more customers.

Real-time Notification

- You will get a notification in your admin panel, Customer panel, and Vendor panel.

- So it is more easier to check updates in this system.

Multiple Admin & Staff

- You can set unlimited admin and staff to manage the website.

- They will have different permissions and no one can delete Main Admin.

Vendor Subscription

- Admin can create unlimited packages for the subscription.

- Vendors will activate a plan and will continue according to plan details.

- After that time, the plan will be deactivated.

- If vendors do not renew then their products will be hidden.

License key & Digital Products

- You can sell license keys and digital products with this eCommerce system.

- You don't need to create multiple stores.

- Just purchase this one and sell anything like image, movie, game license, etc!

Shipping Methods

- Make selling physical products easier by offering shipping options with different pricing and packaging.

- Free Shipping.

- Local Pickup.

- Flate Rate Shipping.

Additional Features

- Multiple Shipping Charge Options.

- Dynamic Tac Calculation.

- Easy Video Add System.

- Dynamic Blog System.

- Unlimited Page Adding.

- Multilevel Category System.

- Product Filter Options.

- Product Search with Suggestion.

- Product Tag With Color Selection.

- Countdown Section With Link.

- Attractive Image Gallery.

- SEO Tools & Google Analytics.

- Easy Customer Subscription.

- Discussion System in Product Page.

- Seller Messaging System.

- Admin to vendor messaging.

- Seller Messaging.

- Social Sharing.

- Remove Rating.

- Customer Review System.

- Blog System.

- Product Video.

- Home Page Customization.

- Quick View.

- Product SKU.

- Color & Size.

- Standard Editor Panel for Product Details.

- Fully Responsive for All Devices.

- One-click single store to multiple vendor store.

- Customer to vendor to grow business.

Why Choose Us?

- Design Quality.

- Tons of Features.

- Personal Account manager for you!.

- Customer Support.

- Flexibility.

- Customizability.

Pricing component

Our Pricing

You can buy it for a lifetime with a 4,999 EGP monthly installment for Three Months only. Or subscribe for the below packages

  • Website Only
  • 699 EGP
  • Website Only with all features
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Life Time Support
  • Talk to an expert
  • Website & Mobile App
  • 1,399 EGP
  • Website With All Features
  • IOS App With All Features
  • Android App With All Features
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Life Time Support
  • Talk to an expert
  • Mobile App Only
  • 699 EGP
  • IOS App With All Features
  • Android App With All Features
  •  Personel Account Manager
  • Life Time Support
  • Talk to an expert