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Email: admin@example.com
Password: 123456

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  1. Advanced and powerful invoice managing system.
  2. Using the Invoice module you can send an email and using email anyone can check the invoice without a login system.
  3. Customers can pay invoice fees using all Egyptian banks' payment gateway including Arabic African Bank & National Bank of Egypt gateways.
  4. Invoice payment history and print invoice information.
  5. Multiple user, role, and permission management.
  6. Income and expense management.
  7. See daily and weekly income and expenses tiles in the dashboard.
  8. Item/Product or Item Unit/Product unit management.
  9. Tax Management, Bank fees, and additional fees module for the invoice.
  10. System setting configures using the setting module.
  11. Invoice overview report for check invoice summary.
  12. Advanced notification system.
  13. Prepare a product link.
  14. Beautiful UI system and much more…..